This film means so much to us for several reasons. This is our final film before we graduate from film school, and as such, is an opportunity to show the filmmaking world what we are capable of as we submit it to festivals worldwide once completed.

As well as this we are also attached to, and believe in, the story of Dai and Gwyn and the meaning behind it. The story explores themes of social isolation, alcoholism, mental health and ones place in a political system. 

This film will also be set in Wales, where the director is from. It’s important for him to represent the country in a way that’s been rarely exhibited in the general media. It not only demonstrates awe-inspiring landscapes and inhabits fascinating characters, but also it has a well-known industrial past, which was abandoned during Thatcherism like much of Northern-England and Scotland. However, the social outcomes of this has often been disregarded and rarely exhibited in representations of the Welsh in film. This short-film will certainly deal with that, representing Wales in a gritty way that's never been done before.