MEAT ON BONES is a 15-minute realist film set on the cliffs surrounding the beautiful coastal area of South West Wales. It explores the relationship between two opposites in a political system and how social and emotional isolation will affect a person.

Dai Pritchard, a middle-aged alcoholic has isolated himself from his family and the rest of society in a caravan on the edge of a cliff. He is accustomed to a life of desolation and rejection, but has a great understanding of life and the natural world he exists amongst. When Gwyn Thomas, a naïve and inexperienced council administrative assistant from the city arrives at Dai’s door in order to evict him from the land – Dai reacts the only way he knows how - with violence as he takes Gwyn hostage. It’s only when things go wrong that Dai must lead Gwyn across the wild landscape that he’s so familiar with. What will happen as they embark upon this journey? What happens when two people from different worlds are forced into a relationship?